About the Rand Paul 2016 Store

Where Your Money Goes

When you order an item from the Rand Paul 2016 store, what you're really doing is making a contribution to the campaign. So when you order a hat, you are helping the campaign in two ways: 1) sharing your support of Rand Paul by wearing the hat; and 2) helping to fund our outreach efforts as we take Rand's message of Constitutional conservatism across the country.

In most cases, your order will ship from the the Rand Paul store within 48-72 hours from the time you place it. Shipping time takes - on average - 2-5 days for most places across the United States. 

Please note, because your order is treated as a contribution, it will count against FEC limits. So, if you have contributed the maximum amount allowed by law, you may have your order rejected. Designed by Victory Enterprises, hosted by Cando and fulfilled by VictoryStore.